Understanding the Need of Unlimited Hosting Space

Do you really need unlimited hosting space? You should consider this question before you decide to use unlimited hosting space. Nowadays, in the hosting world, you need to know about unlimited hosting space. Many customers are now switching from limited hosting to unlimited hosting.


Knowing About Unlimited Hosting Space

Unlimited hosting is a hosting service where there are no restrictions on the use of the hosting disk space. however, restrictions are placed on the inodes system.

Inodes are data structures that are used to store information about files on hosting. Inodes are simply as the number of files and folders in hosting. Suppose you have 15 files and 10 folders, then you have used 25 inodes. In general, hosting providers provide inodes limits of 100,000 to 750,000.

In other words, the amount of hard disk space that can be used can’t be ascertained because the calculation does not use space quota calculations but it uses inodes where each inode can have a different size.

If you have a large file, then you will get a large disk space. but if the file is small, then you will get a small disk space.


Limitation of Unlimited Hosting Space

Basically, unlimited hosting is not really unlimited. The users must follow some restrictions. Unlimited hosting is also limited to the terms & conditions of the hosting provider.

All hosting providers must apply the rule that unlimited hosting can’t be used as file hosting, image hosting, movie hosting, and, so on. Files that are allowed to enter hosting are only standard website files such as PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and images that have been compressed.

Even though these files are very small in size, in the range of 1-50 KB only. For example, each file has an average capacity of 10 KB, then the actual space you get is only 1 GB (limit 100,000 inodes).

Besides, if you buy unlimited hosting at an unreliable place, they can suspend your account arbitrarily if it is burdening the server disk space. It is the reason why you need to make sure do you really need unlimited hosting space?


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The Advantages of Using Unlimited Hosting Space

There should be a good reason when you consider about do you really need unlimited hosting space? Unlimited hosting provides many advantages for web owners who want to optimize the creation of their website.

No wonder so many people choose a hosting package with this one feature. Thus, the website creation process can also be done easily and quickly. Everyone is free to choose the hosting package they want.

As it is well known that there are many hosting options available out there. You must decide a trusted domain hosting service. Unlimited hosting will provide you with an unlimited amount of space.

It is essential for those of you who want to build a website but the features in it require a certain amount of space. It will make it easier for you to get what you want.

Space is an important feature that you must have in large numbers. When you start building a website, you think a few Giga is enough.

Building a website must start from the beginning. You must choose a hosting package that provides the best features, one of which is the unlimited hosting feature.

It will also help you to get one or more domains that have the best functionality. You will also be able to create a website in the way you want. You can freely choose which website that suits your needs.

Optimization on the web will also be able to run smoothly and on target using this unlimited hosting package. If you want to modify it in any form, everything will work easily. After all the explanation, do you really need unlimited hosting space?