Everything You Need to Know About SSD Hosting

For you who have a strong interest in websites, you must be already familiar with hosting. As you know, hosting is like a container that accommodates data needed by a website.

So that the website can be accessed and visited by visitors on the internet. There are several types of hosting, one of them is SSD hosting.

SSD or Solid State Drive is like the new kid on the block when it comes to web hosting. If you want to know more, here is everything you need to know about SSD hosting.


What is SSD Hosting?

So, SSD hosting is a web hosting that utilizes storage media with disks that are already equipped with the SSD technology. SSD or Solid State Drive itself is an electronic data storage media. SSDs no longer use magnetic plates like those commonly found on HDDs.

Unlike SSD, HDD relies on those magnetic plates to be able to store data. Shortly, SSD hosting is a web hosting that utilizes the functions of the SSD itself.

Today, SSD hosting is more preferred and more popular compared to HDD hosting because it offers many various benefits.


Pros of SSD Hosting

  • Better Performances

If it is compared with HDD hosting, SSD hosting has better performances. As it is said before, SSD is the new kid on the block. This storage device is the new innovation where the technology is already more sophisticated than before. Data reading with SSD hosting is many times quicker than web hosting with HDD.

  • Processing Data More Quickly

When it comes to processing data, you will feel that such an activity is quicker and better when you use SSD hosting. Basically, using the old hard drive could make you satisfied since it is already fast enough. But with SSD hosting, the speed increases and data can be properly processed. Cited from the official website of Samsung, SSD is 8 times quicker compared to HDD. Moreover, SSD is also claimed to be more resistant to vibrations and shocks than HDD.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Conventional hard drives require more power than SSD. This comes from the storage media that indeed consumes a lot of power. But, this can be reduced by using an SSD because it is power-saving.


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Cons of SSD Hosting

Though SSD hosting offers quite promising benefits, this kind of hosting also has disadvantages. The main disadvantage of SSD hosting is the cost. SSD hosting is expensive.

Moreover, the amount of storage is not much. It means that you need to spend a lot of money to get storage media that is not really large.

SSD hosting can be the right choice if your website has high traffic and runs so much data, such as storing videos or images, and access a type of MYSQL or My Structured Query Language, that requires quick database processing and high-performance hosting.

This will be worth the money you spend on SSD hosting. But if you run a new, small website, SSD hosting is probably not the right option.

SSD is data storage hardware that uses non-volatile memory as storage media and does not use magnetic disks like conventional hard drives. Unlike volatile memory in RAM, data stored on SSD will not be lost even though it does not use electric power.

When it comes to data storage media, SSDs store all data on microchips and do not use moving magnetic plates like HDDs. So, you will not hear any noise from disk spinning when you are using SSD hosting.

That is all you need to know about SSD hosting. Do you want to try using this kind of web hosting?