All You Need to Know About Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting: what you need to know is the basic information that you need to understand before you do share web hosting. In the world of websites, there are several types of hosting that can be used by website managers. One of them is shared hosting. This is the simplest type but it is also limited.


What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting service that places multiple websites on the same physical server. The services provided by the server are also used jointly. Generally, shared hosting providers are responsible for matters relating to server management.

There is software installation, security updates, and technical issues. Besides, service providers also need to manage system administration so that websites on the server can be managed properly.

The services are used together in one hosting so that the cost is also shared. This makes shared hosting usually cheaper than other types of hosting.

This type of hosting is suitable for beginners who are just trying the world of websites. This is one of shared web hosting: what you need to know.


The Strengths of Shared Web Hosting

The other information about shared web hosting: what you need to know is the strengths of shared web hosting. One of the benefits of shared web hosting is the cheapest price.

This type of hosting is known as the cheapest compared to other types. Therefore, if the budget is still a consideration, then shared hosting is the right choice.

As it is a shared web hosting, it uses the same server. And, it is managed by the provider. The users do not need to think about routine server maintenance.

Likewise, when a problem occurs on the server, for example, system failures, hacker attacks, to network problems. As the user, you also do not need to think about the system admin and maintenance costs.

These things are the responsibility of the server manager. This is certainly an advantage for beginners who may not understand hosting in-depth.


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The Weakness of Shared Web Hosting

The other thing about shared web hosting: what you need to know is the weaknesses of this type of web hosting. The weakness of the shared web hosting is the risk of interference due to the misuse of one of the users.

An example is an overload on a website or one of the users spamming which affects the whole server. The result is that the server will be blocked. If it happens, the other users on that server will also get the consequences.

This situation certainly has a bad impact on the sustainability of the website that is being developed. Meanwhile, for the users who need more resources, this condition will make  them less comfortable because they can’t use the server freely.

Another weakness is the limited access to the server. The users need to follow the rules and restrictions that have been made by the server manager. It also aims to provide convenience for all users.

When you choose to use shared web hosting, you need to be ready to experience slow access because of server downtime. You also can not install the software as you like to install.

The important thing that you should know is that this type of hosting is less secure because it is prone to abuse of access and existing features.

Those are all things that you need to consider before you decide to choose your web hosting. Knowing what shared hosting is a must for beginners who are developing websites.

With a thorough understanding, you can avoid some mistakes in choosing a service provider. You can also adjust the service package according to your needs.

In the end, users will get maximum satisfaction. That is why you need to find out shared web hosting: what you need to know.