How To Choose The Right Hosting Server for Beginners

How to choose the right hosting server is the common question that the beginners always search for. To choose a hosting, it’s not just price and disk space that need to be considered.

You also have to adjust to the website you want to create. For example, what website do you want to create, how many visitors are estimated per day, need SSH access or not, need high speed or not, and so on.

Those are very influential when you choose Hosting. Before you create the website, you need to know some terms about web hosting.


Some Specific Terms About Hosting

You have already known about the familiar terms in hosting. To know how to choose the right hosting server, you need to know some specific terms in hosting.

The first term is the Inodes. Inodes are the number of files that can be accommodated by one hosting account. If the inodes are full, it will affect the hosting performance. The other specific terms are VMEM and PMEM.

VMEM is Virtual Memory while PMEM is Physical Memory. VMEM (Virtual Memory) is virtual memory from SSD. PMEM is physical memory in RAM.

Usually, the RAM size will be the same as PMEM. The greater the PMEM that Hosting has, the faster the website process will be. Next, there are EP and ENPROC. EP stands for Entry Processes. It will manage many web scripts that run each time.

For example, your hosting has 15 EPs. That means, at one time (milliseconds) there are 15 website script processing. For business purposes, you should choose Hosting with 25-40 EP. Meanwhile, ENPROC is the Entry Number of Processes.

The basic of ENPROC is the same as the EP. However, ENPROC also manages many scripts, web server applications, databases that run every time.

Usually, Hosting has 100 ENPROC. The other specific terms are IO and IOPS. IO is Input-Output while IOPS is Input Output Per Second.

This IO and IOPS will affect the hosting speed. IOPS will manage the number of uploads and downloads in one second. Another term is FTP. It is a File Transfer Protocol.

FTP will make it easier for you in matters of uploading website files on Hosting. So, you must choose a hosting that is equipped with FTP features.


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Some Tips on How to Choose the Right Hosting Server

If you are a beginner in web hosting, you need to know about how to choose the right hosting server. You can follow some tips. The first consideration in choosing web hosting is based on server performance.

You should make sure the server has good speed and stability. Then, you should choose an unlimited web hosting with other important features such as protection, optimization, and security features.

You must find out if the web hosting provider that you choose provides an adequate technical support team. This is very important because someday you will need technical assistance if you encounter any hosting issues.

You also must make sure to choose a hosting with good security features and support. And, it is equipped with antivirus, anti-malware, and regular backups.

Moreover, you need to get protection in the form of a money-back guarantee. With a refund guarantee, you can apply for a refund of the amount you paid if you feel unsatisfied with the web hosting service that you have purchased in the future.

You need to choose Hosting with definite details and also make sure you know the hosting specifications you want to buy.

Choosing the right web hosting is very important because it involves the development and future of your website. You need to consider various aspects before deciding on a hosting service order at one of the providers.

Finding out the information on how to choose the right hosting is the first step to make a website.