Pros and Cons of Web Hosting Email

Have you ever found an unfamiliar email address other than Yahoo or Gmail? For example, An email address with a website name on the back can be obtained if you use a paid email hosting service.

Email hosting or web hosting email is a service that allows users to have an email address with their own domain on a separate server from the web hosting server.

This is why the performances of email accounts that use email hosting can be maintained well. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of such a hosting. Below are web hosting email drawbacks and benefits.


Advantages of Email Hosting

  • Branding

This is related to a business. Imagine if your marketing staff sends a promotional email with an address that does not have your company name on it. Users will think that it is a spam and they will not likely open the email.

In this state, you failed to promote and introduce your business. You surely do not want to miss the chance to strengthen your company branding, do you?

  • Email Backup Facility

You definitely exchange various information through your email. Some of them are probably important, such as transactions. You will need a backup feature so that you will never lose those important emails.

Actually, free email providers, such as Gmail, provide such a facility. However, a free backup feature is usually limited.

In email hosting services, you can backup and restore all email accounts associated with your company domain.

  • Bigger Storage Capacity

Free email services usually only provide storage with small capacity. For instance, Gmail provides 15GB storage capacity used for Google Drive and Google Photos.

This is probably not a problem if you use the email for personal matters. But for business matters, a huge number of emails due to business activities will certainly not fit in limited storage.

Unlike free email services, email hosting provides bigger storage capacity. It ranges from 20 GB, 50 GB, and up to 100 GB.

  • Ads-Free

Whatever the providers, free email accounts are not ad-free. But the good news is, the inbox in the email hosting is ad-free. This way, your productivity will not get bothered with various unrequired promotions.

  • Better Privacy Security

The presence of ads mentioned in the previous point is actually a sign that free email service providers can see the contents of your inbox.

Though the probability is small, you surely do not want your personal information to leak to other parties. Especially if you use your email account for business.

Email hosting providers do not peek at the contents of the messages you receive or send. This way, you get optimum privacy.

On the other hand, email hosting also protects you from spam, malware, and phishing.


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Disadvantages of Email Hosting

  • Impractical When It Comes to Infrastructure

You need to prepare the infrastructure that usually consists of an internet connection and server. Some companies usually subscribe to colocation servers at several data center colocation service providers.

So, they only need to prepare the server. While the internet access has been provided by colocation service providers.

  • Server Management

If you decide to use email hosting, you certainly should know how to setup and configure the server, both the operating system and supporting applications to activate the email server.

The server management includes setting up regular backups, monitoring email queues, avoiding spam activities, and so on. If you do not want to be bothered with these things, you can hire a service manager.

Those are the pros and cons of email hosting. Are you interested to use it?