How To Create High-Converting Landing Pages

Creating great high-converting landing pages is not easy, but it is not impossible. In order to create the great landing pages you need to learn to create landing pages that can give the audiences what they want.

It indicates that you need to do and go beyond simply creating something that will look good. Therefore, below are some tips on how to create high-converting landing pages that you can use as references.


Create a Killer Headline 

You need to remind yourself that headline is where everything begins.  It is a place where interest, attention and understanding begins. It is the place where your audiences stay and learn about what you are offering them.

They will stay if they like your headline, but if they don’t then they will leave. Surely, you don’t want them to go right? So, here are some things that should be conveyed in your headline.

Your headline must be able to attract the reader’s attention. It must provide the reader with information related to your products or services. And most importantly, your headline must be short and compact. It should be less than 20 words.


Persuasive Subheads 

Once you have created a killer headline, then you need to create such persuasive subheads. This the part that should be able to convince your audiences to stay.

Together with the killer headline, these two elements will make a strong and powerful landing page. Here are some things that you should remember when you create your subheads.

Generally, you must position your subhead directly under the headline. And then, your subheads must contain some persuasive elements. And most importantly, your subheads must be more deeper and detailed than the main headline.



If you want to create high-converting landing pages, then you should add visual contents in it. Visual content is one of the crucial components to create landing pages that works.

Why? Because human brains naturally process images faster than text. This indicates that your audiences  will be affected by the images on your landing pages instantly.

Therefore, here are some things that you need to remember when you want to place pictures on your landing pages. Your pictures must be large and it also must be related with your business.

And don’t forget that your picture must be a high quality picture.


An Explanation 

The next tips of how to create high-converting landing pages is to offer explanations on your landing pages. This explanation aims to give a clear understanding in regard to products that you offer.

It is such a crucial part because if your potential customer does not really understand what your product or service is about, then surely you will lose them.

You can make an explanation that is integrated with your headline, or if you prefer you can make the explanation separately as well.

And most importantly, your explanation must be benefits-oriented, so your customers will know the benefits that they get from your products or services.


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Insert Trust Elements 

You need to insert trust elements such as badges, customers testimonial,  data, as well as expert quotes to create high-converting landing pages. These kinds of things will show that your business is reliable, trustworthy, and whatever products or services that you are offering is of a high quality.

When your audiences see this, most likely they will agree with you. However, you need to insert trust elements that are relevant to your business, because if not they are useless.

They have to be credible, because believe it or not if your audiences will notice if you put non credible badges. If you put some testimonials, they should be short but sweet.


Shorten Forms 

Another tip on how to create high-converting landing pages is to use shortened forms. Long, complicated forms are outdated and such a huge turn off for your audiences.

Keep in your mind that you are already asking your audience to convert. Therefore, you don’t need to make the process painful or invasive. Keep the form as short as possible, and only ask the information that you will need.