4 Reasons You Might Want to Invest in Dedicated Hosting

Choosing the right hosting plan is such a crucial decision because it will be the one that affects your websites success. One of the hosting plans that you need to take into consideration is dedicated hosting.

However, determining whether or not dedicated hosting is the best pick for you carries additional weight, as it’s an important financial commitment.

Nevertheless, there are some reasons why choosing in dedicated hosting could be worth it for you. It can provide you with improved performances as well as a great security system for your website’s.

If you still feel any lingering doubt in your mind, then you better check out 4 reasons you might want to invest in dedicated hosting below.


It Can Provide You With More Resources To Accommodate A Large Site And Traffic Volume

The most generic reason why people opt to choose dedicated hosting is that they have extensive, and high-traffic sites as well. If you choose a shared hosting, then you have limited sources to store a huge amount of contents, data and deal with large numbers of visitors as well.

You will encounter a variety of issues when your hosting solution doesn’t give you decent resources. Sometimes, you will also simply run out of storage space when building out your space.

Furthermore, a huge rush of traffic can crash your server. As a result, there will be a downtime for your site and the sites that share your computer as well.

Consequently, it is crucial for you to scale up your hosting plan as your site and its following grow. And most importantly, traffic is that one factor that will determine the size of your website.

Therefore, if you feel like your site is nearing its full capacity or if you feel like it’s performance is decreasing, then it is a sign for you to switch to dedicated hosting.


It May Improve Page Speed and Uptime

Lack of resources not only prevent you from accommodating more visitors to your websites, but it can also slow loading times.

It is because a shared server must work extra hard to return responses for a huge number of sites, whilst the dedicated server does not really need to put more restraints on themselves because they just host one or few sites.

However, you still need to maximize your site for performance using several ways such as using image compression, lazy loading, browser caching and etc.

However, if you are following those practices and you still can’t get to your site speed goals, then dedicated hosting may be the missing piece that you look for all this time.


It Provides You With Tighter Security for Sensitive Data

Don’t be wrong, shared hosting can be secure and really it is secure enough. However, the more servers stored on the server, the more potential their entry points for the hacker as well.

If another site on your server is hacked, hackers can gain access to your data as well. This issue can happen because you have no control over how other people using your shared server run their site.

Meanwhile, through dedicated hosting you can lock down your data more efficiently. This is particularly crucial, if your site stores some sensitive data such as health history, credit card number, id card number and many more.


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It Allows You To Customize Your  Server Configuration

All in all, dedicated hosting will give you more options when it downs to its configuration. For many people, the two most significant factors this encircles are:

  • Server Location

Impeccably, you must want your server to be substantially located close to your primary audiences. As a result, it will improve loading time for these users.

  • Operating System (OS)

Most people are just fine on a Linux server, the default for most hosts that are available out there. However, some of them may want to use other servers such as Windows. If you choose dedicated hosting, then in return it will allow you to choose the OS that suits your need most.