Best Web Hosting 2022

Picking the best web hosting 2022  is a must to manage your website. Like it or not, the site’s health has relied a lot on which provider you choose. No matter how powerful your writing skill is or how productive your sites are, it will be meaningless when you pick the wrong service.

As one of the undeniable best platform among blogs and websites, WordPress surely becomes more popular these days. To create the most outstanding content, it is important to make people familiar with your sites first.

By using the best web hosting 2022 , you can get several kinds of services. From securing your sites, assuring your site runs properly, to optimize the user experience, you will get it all in one package by choosing one of numerous services out there.

Unfortunately, not all of these providers can afford your WordPress site needs. Rather than helping you manage the sites, choosing the wrong provider can cause more problems. Look at the features they offer, the result, and the service. At least, here is the most recommended one to consider.


Best Web Hosting 2022

1.) HostGator

Best Web Hosting 2022

Listing the best web hosting 2022  today will be incomplete without mentioning HostGator. As the most well-known provider, HostGator has accepted so many good reviews from the customers worldwide. Located in Houston, Texas of the U.S, this provider definitely will help to manage any kind of site.

Per today, the service has dominated around 8-million domains globally. It is quite a massive number in terms of hosting providers for the last decades. It also proves how people love HostGator, mostly because of the high quality of its services.

Has been existed since 2002, HostGator widely famous as the best web hosting 2022 among individuals and small businesses. It even can handle the needs of either advanced users or newcomers properly. The wide variety of features from this service has a user-friendly appearance for any kind of customer.

HostGator has more than average capability to manage them well. It lets your sites keep up to date and run smoothly, without any severe issue. It will be a huge help to promote the site independently. Here several things you need to consider the service.


  • Having good customer service and user-friendly appearance
  • Offered 45-day money-back guarantee when everything is different from its claims
  • Supplying excellent shared hosting services
  • Providing free assistance for any website transfer
  • Awesome uptime
  • Having useful software where you can develop for our site-building purpose
  • Having various numbers of packages you can choose as you need


  • Kind of Linux-based VPS
  • Needed long wait to get support when it’s needed
  • Only offering long contracts for pricing deal


2.) Bluehost

Best Web -Hosting 2022

Another worthy provider to choose as the best web hosting 2022  is Bluehost, one of the pieces of Endurance International Group. Truthfully, Endurance International Group itself copes with various providers including iPage and HostGator as well. Nevertheless, each kind has its own characteristic and reputation.

WordPress itself has legally recommended Bluehost for its official website amongst the number of hosting service providers. It is easy, specifically thanks to the 1-click installation feature that eases the users to use and connect the service and their websites.

Has been generated and backed-up by more than 750 people, Bluehost ensures to serve the customers with great services. Mostly, it becomes notable for very successful in maintaining great performance as the main WordPress’ official hosting.

This best website hosting 2022  literally offers lots of great bids, from decent offers to various awesome resources and bonuses you can use to optimize the your page. However, there are still some flaws among the best services Bluehost has. At least, consider these plus and minus points below.


  • Having 1 30-day money-back guarantee to make sure you’re satisfied with the service
  • Accommodating users need with 24/7 customer service support
  • Being the official WordPress hosting service among all
  • Offering such of affordable price, even for newcomers
  • Having the best uptime that is nearly 100%
  • Having a friendly user interface and tons of features you can enjoy
  • Being the top 5 best load time with trustable and great security service


  • Offering higher cost for users to renew the service and pricey migrations
  • Lack of focuses
  • Having no or Windows hosting
  • Only having limited choices for unlimited service


3.) WP Engine

Best -Web Hosting 2022

Another one of the best web hosting 2022  to accommodate your managerial needs in websites is WP Engine. It coddles users with high-performance optimizations. That will help you make sure that the site is at the highest level of its performance.

Has been used by thousands of users, WP engine is a kind of premium hosting offering decent sets of great services. From users’ experiences, the hosting with WP Engine will surely make your sites run stably. Among the low-cost hosting services, it has a more plausible capability to guarantee better services.

Furthermore, it is kindly the best web hosting 2022  with over 120,000 users adopting this service to their platforms. It has successfully managed to help either individuals or companies to hit the highest level, specifically by optimizing the sites well.

In terms of the fee, WP Engine is kindly affordable with only a few dollars per month. Just by paying the affordable cost, you can enjoy premium services to make your platform become number 1. Overall, it helps your blogs or websites run safely and smoothly. For more details, these are the pros and cons already stated by users.


  • Offering 60-day money-back guarantee to make sure you’re satisfied
  • Having 24/7 expert customer service support
  • Including free SSL, CDN, EverCache caching, and backups for your sites
  • No long-term commitment requested for its
  • Accommodating separated areas for testing plugins and staging themes
  • Involving Enterprise-grade of WordPress security
  • Offering Genesis Framework you can access freely
  • Sustainable to a built-in development system


  • No email services at all
  • Only compatible for WordPress platform
  • No covering for all kinds of domains, even for premium services


4.) Cloudways

Best Web Hosting 2022-

Among the best web hosting 2022  around the world, don’t forget to put Clowdways as the recommended one. Based in Malta, Cloudways has worked well and maintained to crown as the top 5 cloud providers worldwide. It is known as the simple way to boost user interface through WordPress sites.

Specifically, this best web hosting 2022  not only supports WordPress but also PHP, Drupal, Magento, and even Joomla. That’s why it becomes more and more popular due to its capability to be applied in almost any kind of website.

Known for its fast response to solve issues, Clodways also offers more flexible pricing among of all. It is the best deal that allows small businesses and companies to get the most outstanding services. Most importantly, you can apply through the pay-as-you-go payment method.


  • Offering a completely free trial period
  • Accommodating user needs by 24/7 live chat and customer service support
  • Offering great deals with no cost for migration and no limits of websites to host
  • Providing easy 1-click installation and free updates
  • Having an easy management system with a unique pay-as-you-go payment method


  • Free trial will last for only 14 days on Digital Ocean
  • No email account registration and domain
  • Required thorough knowledge beforehand
  • NocPanel


5.) DreamHost

Best Web Hosting -2022-

Has been started the service 18 years ago, DreamHost has to be in the best web hosting 2022  list for its reliable service. It offers a 1-click install that makes it officially become an official hosting provider for

Specifically, DreamHost has been popularly known as the U. S well-established service with more than 340,000 customers worldwide. Its simplicity surely eases users to optimize the sites. It also offers numerous plans, including web builders, unlimited bandwidth for SSD storage, and free SSL, perfect materials of the best web hosting 2022  in the US.


  • Having good speed and fast respond
  • Including free SSL, 1-click installation, and a free domain with its privacy protection
  • Offering free Web Application Firewall


  • Outdated control panel
  • Live support only available at 5.30 a.m to 9.30 p.m
  • Don’t seem ideal for servers outside the U.S or Asia


6.) GreenGeeks

Best Web Hosting-- 2022--

As one of the best web hosting 2022  to consider, GreenGeeks is definitely secure, fast, and scalable for users. It is environmentally friendly to be implemented through WordPress websites. Once signing up, you need to choose a different server from the U.S, Europe, or Canada.

The most outstanding service is there is no charge to site transfer. It also provides 24/7 service support via email, chat, or phone. The speed is especially good with 434 ms, with uptime looks up to 99,95%, 117 outages, and 5-hour downtime a year.


  • Offering great price with free domain, free SSL, and fast speed
  • Including a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No charge for site migration


  • Required higher renewal price



Before choosing a provider to apply on your websites, make sure to check and recheck everything. At least, you should know the pros and cons to find the suitable one accordingly. Be sure to analyze thoroughly of these best web hosting 2022  and choose as your need.