Best VPS Hosting 2022

Maybe now you are looking for the best VPS hosting 2022 . It is reasonable since this service will take your site to a better level than before. In an easier way, it is a feature to make your website goes online. It will be reachable by people.

Why? It is because you need to share a server with other website owners. It means that your scale is limited. Using the best VPS hosting 2022  is way different. It is true that you are still sharing a server, but you have your own dedicated resources.

Those are like the RAM and CPU. Your website can grow and for sure it can get more traffic. Below are some providers for the VPS company which are considered as the best. They have their own features, characteristics, and for sure prices.


Best VPS Hosting 2022

1.) InMotion 

Best VPS Hosting 2022

A lot of people agree that InMotion is one of the greatest companies in the market. Their features are really secure, fast, and also built for high-performance sites. That is why; a lot of people use it for agencies, resellers, and businesses.

How if you use the other best VPS hosting 2022 ? Don’t worry because InMotion is a leader in transferring that. They have the free migration with 0 (zero) downtime for each plan that they offer. This company manages both; self-managed and VPS hosting plans.

  • Self-Managed Feature

These best VPS hosting 2021  are recommended for the developers, expert users, and system administrators. This option comes with a two-year contract and equipped with the best value. Besides that, other choices are also available.

Those are like a year, month-to-month plans, and many more again. If you run an e-commerce, you must use this company. Their features are supported by online selling. You are also possible to choose the data center to get the maximum speed.

  • Other Features

InMotion is really one of the best VPS hosting 2022  nowadays. It comes with some other good things for you. Those are like the unlocked CPU cores and the optional root access too. These were recommended to support your website into a professional option.

In the other side, the 90-day money-back guarantee is also available. It means that you can get your money back in a certain period. Meanwhile, their customer service is also amazing. It maintains almost 100% of network uptime. So, how do you think?


2.) BlueHost

Best VPS Hosting 2022

If you cannot use InMotion for several reasons, then BlueHost maybe is the best company. This one of the best VPS hosting 2022  is recommended by most people. In addition, more than 2 million websites also use this hosting every day.

This option is so popular. It is well-known and for sure for its good reason. Before choosing this hosting, it is better to know about the review first. Basically, it has perfect plans for everyone. It is even for a beginner or professional.

  • Customer Service

This company has a year period for free domain registration. It comes with the brand new plants. The live chat supports and customer service is one of the best. It will serve you 24/7 to solve any problems experienced by users.

All plans which are offered come with 30-day money-back guarantee. It is shorter than InMotion, it is better than nothing. However, you should know that this one is really stand out for the standard features that it has for the customers.

  • Other Features

BlueHost is more recommended for access control, multi-server management, and also file management. These best VPS hosting 2022  also come with the advanced offers if you really want that. Those are like the SSH Access, cron jobs, server-side customization, that access files, etc.

On the other side, you are able to organize, manage, and edit the database straightly on the server. This service gives you the optional add-ons. It is beneficial for extra protection and additional storage. These are really good.


3.) DreamHost

Best VPS Hosting 2022

DreamHost, just like others, is also really famous. It has been in this industry for about 20 years and it powers for more than 1.5 million websites. Those sites spread in more than 100 different countries. The base of this enterprise is in the US.

In fact, these best VPS hosting 2022  come with various different plants. Those are perfect to manage and accommodate all of your sites no matter what the shape. The good thing is that it is so affordable. It costs only $10/month.

  • VPS Business Plan

DreamHost comes with the different plans such as Business and Professional. The Business option is the one to save your money. However, the Professional option is more for an expert that needs the best values. Make sure that you know the rule.

Each of the VPS there has its own site traffic and unlimited bandwidth. It will be easier to expand the RAM and storage based on the need. Every plan consists of unlimited bandwidth, SSDs, email, SSL, and many more again.

  • User’s Interface

You’ll also benefit from DreamHost’s 100% uptime guarantee. You will love its advanced features too such as automatic software updates. It is also possible to choose between unlimited SFTP users, Nginx or Apache, and some other developers. You must consider it.

If you are a WordPress user, this one of the best VPS hosting 2022  also comes with the one-click installer for the application. It is supported by 24/7 customer service teams who are ready to assist you at any time.


4.) Liquid Web Hosting Service


Another option is Liquid Web. It is maybe a little bit obscure, but they have amazing VPS services. Maybe you are not so familiar with it’s since it is the new one. You need to know that they don’t give any basic shared options.

The entire services they have are related to the dedicated servers and VPS plan. With this option, you can get the benefit from a dedicated server. However, a website can also get the flexibility of the cloud plan from these best VPS hosting 2022.

Liquid web can let you choose between Windows or Linux servers. The Linux option will cost you $15/month which is quite cheap. Meanwhile, the Windows server will cost $54-$151 per month. It depends on the RAM that you use.

The plans from these best VPS hosting 2022  include the Cloudflare CDN, dedicated IP, integrated firewall, and more, this server is not difficult to scale too. However, don’t expect a free trial since Liqued Web doesn’t have it. However, it has 24/7 support assistance.


4.) HostGator


You need to know that this one is the best for scalability. It has an amazing reputation in the market since it comes with the perfect plans and also services. That is why; it may be the one that you are looking for so far.

If your website is still small, you can try the shared plans. However, if it is growing then, it is recommended to use their VPS strategy. Their Virtual private server option makes you have full access and complete control for the common needs.

  • Scale at any time.

This one of the best VPS hosting 2021  will make you are able to scale at any time. It depends on your needs. It can be done with just one click, the examples are like adding traffic growth and more. It will save your money more.

The interesting thing is their long-term contract. If you take it, the low promotional rates can be gotten. To do so, sign up there for at least 36 months. However, it is recommended to get a lot of information first about this promotion.

  • Web Development Tools

These best VPS hosting 2021  offer something that attracts the attention of the people. It is the full suite of web development tools. These are perfect for you who want to raise the performance of the website. That is not the end.

It will be supported with the powerful scrip installer and for sure more than 1000 free site templates. You don’t need to be worried about its safety feature since they have weekly backup management, it means that your data will be safe.

You must know that these best VPS hosting 2022  are the winner of the customer support aspect. Their teams are professional and available every day for 24/7. You can stay connected with them via phone and live chat as well.


So, Which One is more Recommended?

If you get enough of a shared plan, moving to this VPS server is the smart decision. It is reasonable and will make your site is better. Actually, the choice is yours. The most important thing is to be more detailed before choosing one.

This type uses the virtual technology that provides the dedicated resource (individual) in a server although it is used by more than one user. It is different from the new and smaller site that uses shared hosting. It is not that convenient.

Make this guide as your reference. You can compare between one and another to know which one is the best. Be wise and for sure be careful. Make sure that the best VPS hosting 2022  that you choose are also suitable for your budget.