Best Podcast Hosting 2022

Nowadays, there are so many enterprises that offer the best Podcast hosting 2022 . The podcast is now becoming a trend and this new technology can reach more technology than if you use the hosting service. What is the definition of this term?

The podcast is actually the audio content that can be enjoyed on-demand. It means that wherever and whenever you want to, it is possible to use it. It is for sure that your device or gadget must be connected properly with the internet connection.

Several best Podcast hosting 2022  providers exist nowadays come with the different features and prices too. However, mostly their features and plans are almost the same. One thing that differs is maybe the rule that a company has. It is so varied.

Besides through the on-demand and streaming, some options can be also downloaded. Since there are various companies that offer this feature, you must choose the best one. You can choose the limited or unlimited one with certain price ranges. Below are some great options for you.

Best Podcast Hosting 2022

1.) Podbean


You can say that Podbean is one of the best Podcast hosting 2022  providers in this universe and this company gives unlimited plans for your need. The interesting is that it comes with unlimited bandwidth as well. Besides that, the well-design tools are there too.

It means that you can host your site with the amazing themes and they are customizable. If you want, you embed the symbol of this provider to your pages and WordPress page directly. This player offers promotion tools with an interesting benefit.

It will automatically submit all episodes that you have to whole directories. Podbean has a functional advertising marketplace, it provides you an opportunity for monetizing all the contents. The free plan is available with limited storage as well.

2.) Buzzsprout

Podcast Hosting

It is not only the best Podcast hosting 2022  providers but also the easiest one, that is why; it is recommended for beginners. This company has been in this industry for about 11 years. You will love this one because it has solid communities too.

If it is your first experience, this tool is so easy to use. All you need to do is just uploading the media and then do the rest. This company can submit those companies automatically. They will be sent to all famous directories available.

It means that your content can available in many applications and devices. This player is equipped with a lot of interesting features, this best Podcast hosting 2022  is looked amazing. It works really well even on all sizes of the screen you have.

Don’t worry because this player can make one website for you. It is so easy to custom so that you can design it with your preferred taste. Unfortunately, its paid version also has the bandwidth and storage limit. The price is started at $12/month.

3.) Blubbry 

Podcast Hosting

You must know that this option is maybe the most flexible among all. It is the right company if you want to create a plan. Blubbry has the PowerPress feature. You need to know that it is the famous WordPress plugin nowadays.

With this feature, you can manage a creation straightly from your site. It is a piece of cake. PowerPress is something that you need to try from this best Podcast hosting 2022 . This feature will help to upload the episodes.

Those will be uploaded directly to your providers. If you want to, it is also possible to submit them to the Apple Podcast which is known as ‘iTunes’ previously. Google feature is also reachable by this amazing and trusted provider.

It means that your creation will be able to be accessed by the Google Assistant, Google Home, and also certain apps on all android devices. The monetization feature is also available and Blubbry is started from $12/month with 100 MegaByte storage.

4.) Transistor

--Podcast Hosting

Next, you will also love this best Podcast hosting 2022 . It is so powerful and also a great option for everyone. It means that professionals and also beginners can use this one. Transistors have unlimited plans for users and it is wonderful.

It means that they will not charge you for the usage or uploads your contents. On the other side, other services will for sure do it. Transistors also come with the feature of analytics. It means that you can know the performance of each episode.

The code embedded there will make you are super easy to add the episode into several platforms. Those are like your pages and WordPress. Besides, this provider can make a website for you as quickly as a blitz. There is one more thing.

This provider limits the number of downloads, if your content grows, it is better to upgrade the plan. The price is started from $19/months. With this cost, you are able to download for more than 10,000 downloads per month. Isn’t that cool?

5.) Smart Podcast Player


Whatever the kinds of features that you choose is, it is better to find the right media player. It can properly embed and also display the content of a website. Some companies are not providing their own player, but the rests are.

One thing for sure is that the tool is not as functional as the smart media player. Besides, they don’t have the same options for customization too. The best Podcast hosting 2022  must be supported by a wonderful media player like this.

This amazing platform can make you are able to display artistic media. Furthermore, you can also display the individual episode pages for every creation located on your home page. In addition, as a user, you can do so many things.

The examples are browsing the episodes, sharing the content, using the on-screen controls, and many more again. This best Podcast hosting 2021  really fits on all screen sizes. The cost is for about $88.09/month and the bill is done annually.

6.) Libsyn


It is actually one of the most trusted hosting services nowadays. Libsyn has an easy-to-use platform. It will locate the brand in the center parts. After that, this platform will also help you to promote the content in almost all different platforms.

You can say that it is the cross-platform device. Libsyn was created in 2004. It means that Libsyn is one of the oldest providers that still exist until now. It was created originally by the user for others. That is why; it has huge communities.

The members of this best Podcast hosting 2022  are diverse, it is also the most influential people. The plans offer by Libsyn has a different limit for storage per-month. However, they have the unlimited bandwidth. The monetization is also available.

Furthermore, this provider also has a plugin which is called the “Libsyn Publisher Hub”. It is a WordPress integration that is easy to use. Libsyn’s price is started from $5/month. It will give you the 50 MB storage that can be used per month.

7.) SoundCloud


It seems that the answer is yes. Soundcloud is not only the best Podcast hosting 2022 , but it is maybe the most popular one as well. With SoundCloud, you can embed the episodes. It can be done easily by attaching the URL in your pages or WordPress post.

SoundCloud can be used for uploading anything for free. It can be done for 3 hours. It means that their plan is great especially for beginners. Usually, beginners always want to test everything first before paying some money.

If you use the paid plans, it is for sure that the features are so many. Those are like the advanced statistics, more bandwidth, more storage, distribution options, and for sure monetization. You can say that it is the easiest one.

However, some people thought that SoundCloud is not the most customizable and flexible hosting plan. The free plan of this service comes for 3 hours. Meanwhile, the paid plan will be started at $6 per month. Is it your best Podcast hosting 2022  to choose from?

What You can Conclude?

Based on the explanation above, you can see that the hosting providers are really varied. You have more options. However, most of them almost have similar plans. The features are matching too. Several options may offer the limit on their storage space.

Meanwhile, some others can also give the limit downloads; so, what is the recommendation? Podbean can be the best option overall. This best Podcast hosting 2022  offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. It is also easy to use even for a beginner.

Podbean also allows you to follow the creation of other devices and platforms.  The second recommendation that you can choose is BuzzSprout. This hosting plan is one of the easiest to use. It also comes with beneficial plans for all users.

Well, actually you can choose one of the recommendations above if it is your first time using this platform. However, you can also choose other options since they also offer excellent features. All of them are the best Podcast hosting 2022  providers right now.

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