Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2021

Speaking about the best online games to play, Minecraft is on the top list. The game is fun to play and you can even experience a different experience of gaming by using the best minecraft server hosting.

With a lot of server hosting providers available out there, you will not run out of options. But which one will be the best Minecraft server hosting for you? Well, it is a tricky question to answer. Fear not, this page has the 8 best minecraft server hosting 2021 to narrow down your options.

What to Consider when Selecting the Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Several things need to be put into consideration when choosing a Minecraft hosting provider. It is also important to know what makes a hosting provider better than the others. This why knowing what to look for in the best Minecraft server hosting is crucial. Here are what you should consider.

  • Best Connection Parameters

A good Minecraft hosting should come with good connection parameters. These include good uptime, low latency/ ping, and high performance. After all, you don’t want the connection to suddenly drop while you are playing the Minecraft game. Having a server with sufficient RAM and processing power is the ideal way to avoid that issue.

  • Allowing Multiple Players

Playing Minecraft will be much more fun if you can play it with a group of people at the same time. A reliable server hosting should allow you to play Minecraft with at least 10 different players.

  • Allowing Mods

Minecraft needs mods! The game will not be the same without them. So, the server hosting you pick should allow mods. Not only that but the provider should also include the most popular mods out there.

  • Easy to Set Up

Not all people are tech-savvy. Besides, server hosting can be very complicated. As a gamer, all you want to do is just sign up and start your game right away. So, make sure to buy hosting that provides you with easy and instant installation.

  • Contract Length

Another thing you need to consider well when choosing the rightest server hosting provider for your Minecraft. Some providers might require you to pay the service for 4 years upfront.

If you plan to use a long-term service, this requirement might not be a big deal. But, it can be a serious issue if you only intend to use the service for a short-term purpose.

If the latter is your option, it will be better if you choose server hosting that offers monthly payments.

  • DDoS Protection

When looking for the best Minecraft server hosting, make sure that you also consider the DDoS protection offered. Minecraft players understand well that DDoS often attack web servers and it is very annoying.

This malware will attack your hosting each time a malicious party attempts to create a lot of connections to your server in a short time. That makes the server crash.


Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2021

Here is the list of the 8 best Minecraft server hosting providers with all the features that will bring your gaming experience to a different level.

1. Hostinger
2. Nodecraft
3. Apex Hosting
4. ScalaCube
5. GGServers
6. Server. pro
7. BisectHosting
8. Shockbyte


Best Minecraft Server Hosting---

Speaking about the most reliable server hosting for Minecraft gaming, Hostinger is always on the top list. This provider will not only offer you a server for Minecraft but more.

It provides you with cloud hosting, dedicated servers, email, web hosting, WordPress hosting, and more. Hostinger offers a hosting plan with a lot of interesting features.

These include DDoS protection and instant setup. Not only that but Hostinger also provides clients with good server hardware that mainly runs SSD drives with 32 GB RAM and up as well as Intel Xeon processor.

Hostinger also allows you to install mod packs you desire the most. Also, this hosting server is compatible with the custom JAR, much for your pleasure.

The best thing about buying this server hosting is that Hostinger allows you to choose one of these server locations (the Netherlands, UK, US, and Singapore) when signing.

As for the cost, Hostinger offers you one of the best hosting plans at affordable prices. You can choose to use a monthly payment of as much as $11.95 or a yearly payment that will enable you to enjoy the ability to play with up to 70 players at a time and 2GB of RAM. If you need more power, there will be higher-tier plans available for you to choose from.

2.) Nodecraft


Nodecraft is considered one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers for many good reasons. For the start, this server hosting a platform specially designed for online gaming, making it perfect to play Minecraft.

With a sole purpose for gaming, you will not find a standard web hosting just like say, Hostinger, in this provider. With the only focus on gaming purposes, Nodecraft allows you to enjoy a highly-optimized device to meet all unique online gaming requirements.

Nodecraft allows you to enjoy various popular mod packs of Minecraft such as Sponge, Forge, and Spigot. This platform is also easy to install and comes with good connection parameters as mentioned earlier.

With Nodecraft, you will also find it easier to swap games anytime you desire. Also, you can sign up to play Minecraft from Asia Pacific, South Africa, the US, and Europe by using Nodecraft. With just $9.98 a month, you can enjoy 5GB of disk space, unlimited player slots, 10GB of backups, 1GB of RAM, and more.

3.) Apex Hosting

Best Minecraft Server Hostings

This platform is one of the prominent players in the hosting industry. Apex Hosting is a reliable server and comes with a lot of great features that all Minecraft lovers will appreciate.

This hosting supports a wide range of popular mods in Minecraft and plugins. Also, you only need one click to install the platform.

With Apex Hosting, the connection parameters indicate good hardware with MySQL and FTP database access. The server hosting also offers low latency and some other unique features that will blow your mind instantly.

It has a built-in donation service that will make it possible for you to fund your server hosting with the help of your players. The platform also enables you to host various popular game versions such as Java and Minecraft Bedrock editions.

At the beginning of the contract service, users are required to pay $4.49 for them for months. As for the rest of the contract, you need to pay $5.99 per month.

4.) ScalaCube


You can put this ScalaCube under your radar when you are looking for a reliable server hosting for Minecraft. Though this platform hosts various online games, Minecraft is their main focus.

Not only allowing you to host your favorite online games but ScalaCube also makes it possible for you to make a customized Minecraft launcher of your own.

This will allow you to set up the launcher to enable it to load a wide array of mods on startup. Interestingly, there will be 1000 mods that can be loaded in ScalaCube.

Not only that but you can also enable the launcher you created to invite multiple players to join the server. With ScalaCube, you can also enjoy a forum pre-installed website.

Signing up for the platform can be done from several locations including Australia, Europe, and North America. The payment for the services offered range from $2.50 for the first month to $5 for the next month.

The hosting plans you will enjoy with that price include,10GB of disk space, 768MB of RAM, and 10 player slots.

With these server hosting plans offered, ScalaCube, perhaps, the best option that newbies in Minecraft online gaming should take. However, it will get a bit expensive once you choose a hosting plan with a bigger scale of player slots.

5.) GGServers


Make sure to include GGServices in your shopping list when you are looking for the best platform to enjoy a different level of Minecraft gaming experience.

This server hosting allows you to do one-click plugins and installs. Another reason that makes GGServices popular among Minecraft lovers is that the platform allows you to create a customized control panel and support Bedrock as well as Java editions of this online edition.

With the platform, you can create worlds with various game parameters, game modes, level types, and difficulties for your launcher.

GGServers allows you to plugin from 9 different locations in the world including Singapore, Australia, Canada, Europe, and of course, the US. As for the prices, they range from $3 per month for standard services to $6 per month for premium services.

6.) Server. pro

Best Minecraft Server-- Hosting

You can rely on Server. pro to give you a great experience of Minecraft gaming. Even with the free plans offered, you can still enjoy interesting features not less than the paid ones.

It supports Minecraft’s popular editions, including Bedrock and Java. Not only that but Server. pro also provides you with powerful hosting hardware along with modern CPUs and NVMe drives.

The platform also offers backups, firewalls, file access, and instant setup. This server hosting also supports custom JAR files, instant plugins, and modes, much for your convenience.

However, not all features are offered by Server. pro can be enjoyed from the free plans though. Meanwhile, the paid plan of the Server. pro costs $5 per month and includes various features such as an ad-free experience, unlimited player slots, 2GB of RAM, plugins installed, and more.

7.) BisectHosting

Best --Minecraft Server Hosting

BisectHosting can be one of the most ideal server hosting providers to choose especially if you plan to create custom Minecraft hosting that 100% meets your satisfaction.

The signup wizard offered by this platform will make it easier for you to choose and configure the rightest plan for your needs. While BisectHosting supports Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft, the server hosting can also handle multiple players at the same time.

Not only that but this hosting also provides you with lists of premium upgrades you desire the most. It has everything you need from a good Minecraft server hosting. Either it is custom JARS, mods, DDoS protection, or instant setups, you can find them all on this platform.

One of the best things about this server hosting is that it comes with a lot of hosting tiers to choose from. This will allow you to develop your server without the necessity to change the hosts. BisectHosting, perhaps, offers the most server locations, 16 sites in total, that are available for you to opt. This server hosting also comes at an affordable price.

With only $2.99 a month, you can enjoy 12 player slots, NVMe drives, 1GB of RAM, and so on. If you choose the pay the service quarterly, you will get a 10% price cut.

Meanwhile, the 12.5% price cut is offered if you pay semi-annually and 15% off is for those who are paying annually.

If you want to have a daily backup for your server, the costs start from $0.99 a month. You can also enjoy dedicated IPs from the platform for just $2.99 per month.


8.) Shockbyte

Best Minecraft- Server Hosting

Last but not least. The next best Minecraft server hosting in the list is Shockbyte. Being in the hosting industry since 2013, Shockbyt has carved a good reputation as a reliable server hosting for various online games.

As for Minecraft, offers many things that fans of this online game will fall in love with. It supports Bedrock and Java game versions of Minecraft while providing a version switcher as well.

Not only that but this platform also has a lot of features like quick setup, custom JARs, all popular mod packs, unlimited NVMe SSD storage, full FTP access, and unlimited bandwidth.

There will be a 24/7 support team that will help you to grow your server. As for the locations of the server, there will be 3 different options available to select. They are Asia, Europe, and North America.

To enjoy the services offered by Shockbyte, you need to pay $2.50 a month for the very standard option. For that price, you will enjoy a wide range of features such as NVMe SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1GB of RAM, 20 player slots, and DDoS protection.

If you need more player slots to play Minecraft, Shockbyte also comes with unlimited slots that you can choose from.